HSD Axis Head

Looking for a high-speed, flexible production solution with Axis Heads?

Discover HSD SpA - Axis Heads designed for the Woodworking Industry, offering a wide range of power and rotation angle options, ensuring a high level of reliability.

Our electroheads represent the latest innovation and technology, with a variety of structures (fork-type) and axis head choices.

Introducing the HS300C-2 Axis Head, boasting a maximum torque of 480Nm, maximum speed axis of 75°/sec, and endless rotation angle. The HS Line C range of two-axis heads is known for its machining flexibility and is dedicated to working with wood materials.

CNC Disain Nusantara, PT represents HSD in Indonesia, providing exceptional service to our customers, backed by our authorized motor repair center in Melbourne, Australia.

In need of HSD Products? Look no further. Whether it's service, repair, spare parts, or an upgrade, we're your trusted partner for all things HSD Spindle.

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