SPECMETRIX - Film Thickness Measurement

Looking to Enhance Production Efficiency and Quality?

Discover Sensory Analytics SpecMetrix - Film Thickness Measurements!

SpecMetrix systems provide valuable real-time process control and quality assurance to manufacturing and QA teams.

Our cutting-edge fiber-optic probe packages take over 100 measurements per second per probe, at line speeds up to 1800 feet per minute. Data is displayed on our user-friendly touch-screen interface. Results can be easily exported to all host data acquisition and corporate SPC systems.

We designed our solutions to help streamline line set-up, changeover and inspection times.  SpecMetrix systems provide plants with highly accurate and much-needed QA data to reduce waste and product costs while increasing plant profitability.

In need of thickness measurement solutions? Look no further.

Rely on SpecMetrix to ensure the quality of your products.

We're your trusted partner for all things SpecMetrix Sensory Analytics.

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